Year 5 – Knots – Forest School

Year 5 took their series of lessons on knots to a new level today – first aid! After reviewing the previous three knots they’d learnt, children were introduced to a fourth – the clove hitch knot. After a demonstration, children experimented with this new skill around sticks; perfecting the knot and checking it was secured tightly. Next, children were introduced to some of the uses of the clove hitch knot before being given this sessions brief – to use clove hitch knots in order to make a stretcher to rescue someone who’d fallen and broken their leg. After tying a clove hitch knot around one pole, children weaved the rope around another pole before securing them with a second clove hitch. Groups were taught how to assess a potential casualty, safely lift them and then transport them to safety. Well done Year 5!

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