Year 6 – Class of 2021

To our Year 6 pupils,

Firstly we would like to say jut how proud all of the staff at Cookridge Primary School are of you. Each and every one of you has developed into fun, outgoing, confident and resilient individuals who are more than ready to tackle every challenge that the world has to offer – especially the move to high school.

The last two years of your primary life haven’t been exactly what we, or you, would have expected and wanted, but the way in which you embraced all of the changes and made the most of every single opportunity you had, epitomises the Cookridge spirit. From scavenger hunts on Teams meetings to ‘socially distanced’ roleplays, you have demonstrated how nothing will stand in your way of achieving your best.

There is no doubt that amongst our Class of 2021, we have sports stars, architects, interior designers, authors, scientists and actors/actresses to name a few and it fills us all with hope knowing, that despite the difficulties we have faced, the future is extremely safe and exciting hands.

We wish all of you the best of luck for the future – you will be dearly missed.


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