Year 6 Only – LAST DAY to order your hoody!

Dear Parent/Carer,

Today is the last day you can purchase a Class of 2023 Leavers’ Hoody for your child. We are working with Fizz Hoodies, the UK’s premier supplier of Leavers’ Hoodies, and are eagerly anticipating what is sure to be a wonderful keepsake to celebrate their time at the school. This is a different compnay to the one we have used previously as they offer a much more competitive price.

The hoodies will have a large ‘23’ print on the back, containing the names of all students in the Year Group, and will also feature an embroidered logo on the front. Students can pick from a range of 79 different colours. Students will also have the opportunity to personalise their hoody with a nickname should they wish, at a small additional cost of £4 (This is an added extra and pupils do not have to add this if you do not wish to).

All of the students have the opportunity to purchase a hoody. It is essential that their orders are placed in plenty of time so that they don’t miss out. There will only be one order; students will not be able to place orders after 4th June 2023.

To place an order, please visit the following website:

Fizz Hoody Online Shop

You will then need to enter the following school unique ID to get to our shop:


If your child would like a hoody, you must place an order before 4th June 2023. I cannot stress this deadline enough, as we do not want anyone to be disappointed. The school will not be ordering any spare hoodies, so if your child later wishes they’d ordered one once they see everyone’s hoodies, unfortunately it will be too late! So please don’t miss out. As the hoodies are personalised, you will not be able to return it if you order the wrong size.

All orders will be delivered direct to school and given to your child within the last couple of weeks of the Summer term.

Many thanks,

Mr Kershaw


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