KS1 – Newsletter – 1.3.24

It’s been another great week in Key Stage One! Read below to find out what we have been doing this week.

Year One have continued with the book ‘Meerkat mail’ this week and have been looking at different settings for them to write about in a postcard back to Sunny. Their phonic focus this week has been on /ph/ saying /f/ as in phonics! It was a hot write week for Year Two. They used the traditional tale of ‘The Frog Wedding’ to write letters. They have been focusing on passed tense verbs in phonics and when to double a consonant if they add a suffix like -ed for example stop – stopped, stopping.

In Maths, Year one have been working on missing number problems. They have used the inverse to be able to find the missing number and have used various resources, like numberlines to solve the problems. In Year Two, one group have been focusing on money and adding various amounts. The other group have been working on their multiplication skills for 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. They were using their knowledge to solve reasoning problems.

You may have seen the post earlier in the week about our Chinese New Year celebration day. PPA was given over to this and each of the subjects on PPA contributed to it. In Music, the children have been adding accompaniments to music for Chinese New Year. They have been using xylophones and glockenspiels.

In food technology, the children were looking at what foods people celebrate Chinese New Year with. They then practised different claw holds and chopped up vegetables for a stir fry to be tasted during the celebration afternoon.

We continued to discussed categorising animals in Science. We used the ‘Now Press Play’ headphones to listen to a story and learn more about different animals and how we could categorise them – saving some animals from a circus in the process!

In RE the children have all been learning about Ramadan. Year Two were very fortunate to have Mrs Merali in to share her own experiences of Ramadan. They have looked at the importance of Ramadan as a pillar of Islam and how choosing to fast during daylight hours is a big part of this. They also heard about giving money to charity and thinking of others less fortunate.

In computing, the children were using directional language to move their partner from one country on the map of Africa to another. They had to be specific in telling them how many steps to take forwards or backwards and whether to turn left or right.

Year One were looking at money in their PSHE lessons. They were learning about what money is, how, when and why we use it. Year Two were looking at the ‘Pants are private’ rules. They learnt about which parts of their body are private and how they can say no to anybody else touching them. They also learned about good secrets like buying someone a gift and not good secrets that make them feel uncomfortable.

We ended the week with our very energetic alternative sports. We have been enjoying karate, balloon table tennis, dance and noodle drumming.

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