UKS2 – Newsletter – 25.05.23

What a glorious week in the sunshine it has been!

This week in Forest School, the children used their team-work, communication and building skills to create dens. Then, they took part in Forest School games to think strategically.

In sciene this week, the children participated in two different activities to further their understanding of life cycles; and the common observable characteristics and based on similarities and differences of plants. Firstly, they used the library books and their knowledge about life cycles to gather information about how different plants and animals reproduce. Using this, they created their own pictorial representations of how a specific animal reproduced. Following this, they presented their work confidently to the class. Secondly, using our surrounding natural environment, the children used an app on the iPads to discover the observable characteristics of plants. They created their own flow chart so that someone else could guess which plant they had identified based on its key features.

The children in Miss Chambers’ maths class were given different compound shapes made out of masking tape around our room. In small groups, they had to work out the perimeter and area of each shape.

Yesterday, Year 5 had the wonderful opportunity to visit a working farm in Rufforth, near York. Embracing the beautiful weather, the children were shown a variety of arable and livestock farming techniques. First, they were introduced to Grassland Farm’s resident beef cattle herd, discussed the lifecycle and gestation periods of cattle as well as the animal husbandry involved in their care. They then had the opportunity to enter the cattle race and crush, to experience what being tagged is like from a cow’s perspective. 

For Year 6 only: for information about Year 6 Leaver’s Hoody order, please follow this link…

Year 6 Only – Leavers’ Hoody Order

Year 6 only: for information about Year 6 Leaver’s assembly, please follow this link…

Year 6 Only – Leavers’ Assembly

Remember that children will not be in school tomorrow (26.05.23) because it is a staff training day.

We hope you all have a wonderful half-term break! We look forward to being back on Monday 5th June for a PPA day.

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